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Misfit Rescue Team
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Pet's Name:Lenny
Breed:American Bulldog
Size: Large
Age:Young Years
Spayed/Neutered:Not Specified
Hypoallergenic:Not Specified
Location: Chicago IL


Lenny is wonderful with people of all ages, and is respectful upon meeting new people. He does not jump or get overly excited- just greets them politely and asks to be petted if theyre comfortable with him. He is a perfect gentleman! He loves children and other dogs. He has been introduced to dog-safe cats and was thrilled to meet them- he seemed to think that they were dogs and would want to play with him! With a little training he could co-exist peacefully with cats- right now he just thinks theyre small, funny looking dogs.


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To: Misfit Rescue Team user: Misfit Rescue Team
Subject: LENNY pet: LENNY American Bulldog