Found My Pet
Question:Where do I begin?
Answer: To begin searching for your new pet or to begin posting pets, you must sign up! Select a username which will be displayed in your profile, enter your Email address, select a password, choose what type of account you would like (Member, Adoption Center, or Breeder) and click "Sign Up."
Question: What kind of account is right for me?
Answer: There are three account options: 1) Member, 2) Adoption Center, and 3) Breeder.

Member: Sign up as a member if you are looking to adopt or buy a pet, relocate your current pet, or you found a lost pet and you would like to help find their home. Members may create one User profile and one Pet profile.

Adoption Center: Sign up as an adoption center if you are an Adoption Center or animal shelter. Adoption Center accounts are free but they must be approved after you sign up before you can start posting pets. The approval process will generally be complete in one business day or sooner. Adoption Centers may create one User profile and unlimited Pet profiles.

Breeder: Sign up as a breeder if you are a breeder looking to find homes or advertise your pets. Anyone can sign up as a Breeder, subject to the fees posted on the "Register" page. Breeders may create one User profile and unlimited Pet profiles.

*Every member must comply with the Terms of Service, specifically the Humane Breeder and/or Shelter section. This is strictly enforced.
Question: How do I search for a pet?
Answer: To search for a pet, there are two options. The first is to fill out your match profile. When it is completed, click "Matches" located in the upper right of The second option to search for a pet is to perform a quick search. To perform a quick search, click "Quick Search" under the "Matches" menu in the upper right. Enter the information for what you are searching for and click "Search."
Question: What if I just want to browse available pets near me?
Answer: If you do not want to adopt or buy a new pet but just want to browse then we recommend for you to register as a Member, create a User profile, and feel free to fill out your Match Profile. Once you create a Member account you can start browsing!
Question: Should I adopt or buy from a breeder?
Answer: Whether you rather adopt a pet or purchase one from a breeder is up to you. Here are some of the advantages to both:

Adopting: Millions of pets who do not find homes are euthanized every year, you will be saving a life. It is cheaper to adopt than buy. You can find older pets that are already trained. Many pets in adoption centers are mixed breeds which are unique and have less health problems than purebreds. Most pets from adoption centers are healthy, vaccinated, and have a complete medical examination done before they are adopted.

Breeder: You have control over how the pet is raised from day one. You have information on the pet’s parents which will help forecast future personality and health issues. If you really like your pet, you can get another similar pet because you know where it came from. You will have the breeder as a reference throughout your pet’s life if you have any questions.
Question: How can I find the best pet for me?
Answer: To find your most compatible pet, you should fill out every question under all sections of the questionnaire. Finding a compatible pet does not stop at what matches provides you with. You should also contact the User associated with the pet, to find out more information about the pet, to make sure it is the best pet for you, and you would provide a good home for the pet.
Question: I've found a pet I'm interested in. Now what?
Answer: When you have found a pet you are interested in you should add the pet to your "Favorites" and/ or message the User associated with the Pet to inquire more information. Some adoption centers and breeders have contact information and the next steps you need to take in their User profile.
Question: Will I be able to take my pet home immediately?
Answer: Every adoption center, shelter, and breeder has their own procedure. You will most likely have to go visit the pet so the current pet owner can access your compatibility with the pet and your ability to care for him or her.
Question: How does the matching system work?
Answer: The matching system works by considering your lifestyle and personality you provide us through the matching questionnaire. It then considers the information provided to us about the pets and uses their breed temperament to match you with the pets you are most compatible with. Your best matches will be ones whose needs match your lifestyle and preferences.
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