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What is Found My Pet?

Found My Pet launched in 2012 with the goal of helping you find the perfect pet match. will help you find your perfect pet and if you are looking for a new home for a pet, we will help you find his or her most compatible home. Found My Pet aims to connect adoption centers, shelters, breeders, and individuals looking to relocate their animal, with people looking to add a pet to their family, by helping pets and people find their most companionable match.

What does Found My Pet do?

Found My Pet is an online community which was created to connect people like you with animals by matching your lifestyles, personalities, needs, and preferences. Most people do not know what to look for when finding a new pet. Just like people, animals have unique personalities. The pet search process is complicated and overwhelming but Found My Pet is here to help simplify it for you. is not only working to help people find pets but we also aim to help pets find compatible homes.

Beyond the personalized pet search and recommendation process, Found My Pet brings many adoption centers, animal shelters, and breeders to one community to help them reach more homes and encourage the homes to add a pet to their family.

Found My Pet's Mission.

Found My Pet aims to connect new pet owners and pets based on your lifestyles, personalities, and preferences.

Our mission is: 1) Help you find your perfect companion. 2) Help adoption centers and shelters find the perfect home for their animals. 3) Promote humane practices among animal shelters, adoption centers, and breeders. 4) Always provide free accounts for Adoption Centers and Breeders.

If you would like to report inhumane practices among our members or have any suspicions and concerns, please contact us by emailing with the account name, a description of the inhumane practice, and your reason for believing this.

Is Found My Pet right for you?

Found My Pet is the perfect resource for everyone looking to find a new pet. Our members have several advantages when starting the pet search process. Members and pets are matched through the Found My Pet Matching System. Also, as opposed to visiting individual adoption centers, shelters, or breeders in your local region, our members save time and can conduct a more diligent search before contacting and visiting their local adoption centers, shelters, or breeders. is the perfect resource for adoption centers, animal shelters, breeders, and individuals looking to find a new home for their pet. The website can help you reach beyond your local niche while providing peace of mind that your animals will be going to a compatible home. If you are just looking to browse pets looking for a home, we still encourage you to create a free membership account and consider adopting.

Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet saves a life. Over 3 million pets are euthanized each year but you can help minimize this. Owning a pet also promotes physical, social, and psychological well-being. Having the perfect pet to care for, play with, exercise with, and grow with will increase your overall health physically and emotionally.

Where to Begin?

After you create an account with us you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you to answer questions about your lifestyle, personality, preferences, and ability to take on the responsibility of owning a new pet.

Every dog and cat breed has a natural tendency to behave in a different way. This is called their "temperament". Alternatively, instead of filling out the questionnaire, Adoption Centers, Shelters, and Breeders have the option to use their animal's natural temperament to assign their matches.

Please be aware that being matched with a pet on does not guarantee you the ability to adopt or purchase the pet. Most adoption centers and shelters have an adoption process in addition to

Want to learn more about us?

Get to know us better and learn more about Found My Pet by connecting with us on Twitter (@FoundMyPet) and Facebook (

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say "Hello!" please email

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